McCall’s Almanac is an album.

Unlike a traditional album, you can listen through it in any order you like. To begin, pick the state you wish to start in. Each page of the site presents a new city, a new character, and a song and story written from that character’s perspective.

Tris McCall, a writer from New Jersey, spent the last three years discovering America. This is what he found.

The Almanac updates every Tuesday at noon.

If you’re having a tough time picking a city, well… it’s never a bad idea to begin in Denver.

"The knowledge one accumulates of one's homeland, like the knowledge of one's self, is so varied and complex, so ambiguously objective and subjective at every turn, that each interpretation soon gives way to another: to write about one's own country is the most problematic form of autobiography."

Robert D. Kaplan, An Empire Wilderness