Every Tuesday, a new song and a new story set in a different American city.

Currently live (4/18):

Baltimore, Maryland: “(That’s What I Like About) Baltimore
Denver, Colorado: “Conspiracy Theory
Los Angeles, California: “You Needn’t Be So Mean, Baby
Miami Beach, Florida: “Every Day Is Children’s Day
New Orleans, Louisiana: “The Unmapped Man
New York, New York: “The Prince of Daylight
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “Kate Beaton
San Diego, California: “Route 52
Seattle, Washington: “Take Me to the Waterfall

Houston, Texas: “Houston Calls the Space Cadet

Next week (4/25):

Detroit, Michigan: “Unbeliever, Respect the Veil”

Future trips:

Ann Arbor, Michigan: “Hopscotch Otter’s Collegetown Blues”
Atlanta, Georgia: “King of Pops”
Austin, Texas: “Chelsea”
Baltimore, Maryland: “(That’s What I Like About) Baltimore”
Billings, Montana: “Tight Times (In the Land of Silence)”
Cambridge, Massachusetts: “You Could Meet Me There”
Camden, Maine: “I Dream Dead Ends”
Charlestown, South Carolina: “He Eats Well”
Chicago, Illinois: “Gurleez”
Columbus, Ohio: “O Columbus”
Indianapolis, Indiana: “A Girl With a Bicycle”
Jersey City, New Jersey: “Paul Simon, I Had to Ask”
Las Vegas, Nevada: “All the Money in the World”
Monticello, New York: “Sector B”
Nashville, Tennessee: “You’re No Good to Anyone”
New Orleans, Louisiana: “The Unmapped Man”
Northampton, Massachusetts: “The Blue Door”
Orlando, Florida: “Nowhere to Go But Down”
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Backstage @ The Hungry Bum”
Phoenix, Arizona: “On Indian School”
Portland, Oregon: “Turbulence at Night”
Raleigh, North Carolina: “I Like America”
Richmond, Virginia: “American Flag”
San Francisco, California: “Joe Panik”
San Juan, Puerto Rico: “The Tantrum”
Washington, D.C.: “You Used to Sing About Manhattan”
Wilmington, North Carolina: “Somewhere Down the Line”
Yountville, California: “The Sybarite”